Bolsas De Papel

Paper bags are a very attractive model of flexible packaging; they offer an organic aspect to the product and at the same time high protection to guarantee an optimal conservation, and all the paper bags that we produce are laminated. This container is ideal for the packaging of natural and / or organic products such as: tea, coffee, nuts and even pharmaceutical products without chemicals. We offer a wide range of top quality finishes and models at competitive prices. Models available with paper finish: stand up bags, bellows bags, flat bottom bags, vacuum bags, oxo-degradable bags, bags for liquids. Our paper bags can be purchased under 2 modalities: in stock or customized orders. PAPER BAGS IN STOCK The minimum quantity for paper doypack bags in stock is 1000 units.

Pedido Minimo

The bags in stock are manufactured in standard stock and are ready to be shipped from our warehouse. For more information about the colors and sizes available, write to our email. PERSONALIZED PAPER DOYPACK BAGS Under the custom order form the paper doypack bags are produced according to the needs of our client, therefore it is possible to choose the size, accessories and also the printed design. Printing is done with rotogravure technique, up to 9 colors. The minimum amount requested is 15,000 units. The production and delivery process takes about 5 weeks. PAPER DOYPACK BAGS CUSTOMIZED WITH DIGITAL PRINTING Digital printing was born to offer new and innovative solutions. This type of printing is done on our bags already in stock, so the minimum is the same: only 1000 units. For more information contact us.

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